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Your Parish Council has been allocated a few complimentary tickets for this year’s steam fair.

It is unlikely that the PC will have enough for everyone in Tarrant Keyneston who would like a free ticket so we will hold a draw if demand exceeds supply.

If you live in Tarrant Keyneston and would like to be considered for a ticket – just one per household – then could you please email the Parish Clerk, Kate Huck at the following address:

Please send your emails to the Clerk by no later than 31st July.

The PC appreciates that not everyone is on the internet and may not have access to a computer. If you know of neighbours and friends in Tarrant Keyneston in this situation please let them know so that they too can participate in the draw by texting\phoning the Clerk on 07706 490077.

In accordance with data protection requirements, all personal data (name and addresses etc) submitted to us will be deleted from the PC’s records once the draw has taken place. You will be notified if you have been lucky and your ticket delivered to you in good time before the fair begins.

Good luck!

Stuart Thomson

South Tarrant Valley Parish Council is situated in Dorset and includes the four parishes of Tarrant Crawford, Tarrant Keyneston, Tarrant Rawston and Tarrant Rushton.

A parish council is the first level of local government and the closest to the community it serves.  The South Tarrant Valley Council exists to help residents and be a point of contact for ideas and suggestions for improvements in the village.  The Parish Council’s powers and duties are laid out under local government statute and it has legal responsibilities as an employer

Principle Authority:
Dorset Council

Parish Group:
South Tarrant Valley Parish Council

Grouped Parishes: 
Tarrant Crawford
Tarrant Keyneston
Tarrant Rawston
Tarrant Rushton

County Councillor:
Cllr Piers Brown

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Contacting the Parish Council

The Parish Council can be contacted via the Parish Clerk and full contact details are available on our Contact Page which can be accessed from the main menu or by using the below button links.

07706 490077