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About the Parish & Parish Council

A parish council is the first level of local government and the closest to the community it serves.  The South Tarrant Valley Council exists to help residents and be a point of contact for ideas and suggestions for improvements in the village.  The powers and duties, and the manner in which a parish council operates as laid out in local government statute and regulations. The Parish Council has legal responsibilities as an employer, and owner of public land and buildings.

There are 209 dwellings in the parish with a population of 520.  Local employment opportunities are largely in farming, but a significant number work from home. The parish has one North/South road, the B3082 linking Blandford (3 miles)and Wimborne (6 miles) the two main towns to which parishioners turn for services. There is also the rural valley road following the river and linking the four parishes and the North end of the Tarrant Valley. Public transport is scarce although community transport schemes are available. Residents rely largely on their own transport to access services. A school bus takes primary school children to Spetisbury, and secondary school children to Blandford.

The parish has one pub,  and a village hall with large open play area at Keynston. There are three active churches and a private church within the parish, which is part of the Chase Benefice.

In addition there are 2 small campsites within Tarrant Keynston run by other  local businesses.

There is a lively community spirit within the Parish including, The Tarrant Valley Players, Tarrant Ladies Group and a Playgroup.