July 2022 Minutes

at 7pm in The Anne Biddlecombe Hall, Tarrant Keyneston

Present: Councillors Cossins (Chairman), Deketeleare, Eaton, Munford, Sweetland, Thomson and Thompson.
In attendance: County Councillor Brown, Clerk Mrs Huck

1. To receive any apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Cllrs Beale, Harding and Parker.

2. Declarations of interest not previously disclosed and to grant dispensations as requested
None were disclosed or requested.

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 10th May 2022
Cllr Thomson had requested an amendment prior to the meeting (Min 27 – to change ‘weekly’ to ‘monthly’and it was:
RESOLVED the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4. To receive a report from the County Councillor
Cllr Brown reported on the following:
Cost of Living Support: central government funding is available through Dorset Council and its website at Cost of Living Help. Councillors are asked to signpost anyone who may need help during the current financial situation.

Dorset Innovation Park, Wool: Dorset Council were continuing to secure investment in the Park and future technological development for the county by working in advanced engineering, defence and cyber security. Further information on the Park is available at Dorset Innovation Park.

5G RuralDorset: Funding has been awarded for a pioneering Dorset project, the largest 5G agri and aquaculture trials in the United Kingdom.

Planning: all new build housing will be required to have electric charging points.

Disposable BBQs: The county has been working with retailers to discourage the selling of these, where careless use has previously been responsible for large heathland fires and have introduced a ban. There can be a fine of £100 for using them.

Question: Tarrant Rawston bridge, damaged and as yet not repaired. The Chairman questioned whether the approach used by Dorset Council Highways so far had been the most efficient. It was suggested, given the river was dry, this would be the time for work to be done. Cllr Brown said he would investigate this.

5. Open discussion

(a) Community Governance Review
The Clerk confirmed the Council’s consultation response had resulted in Tarrant Rawston councillor numbers remaining at 2 with Tarrant Rushton still to be reduced from 3 to 2. The final report would go to the full Dorset Council meeting on 14th July.

(b) Great Dorset Steam Fair – complementary ticket distribution
The Clerk confirmed the Parish had received complementary tickets for the GDSF, by way of mitigation of the inconvenience caused locally by the event. Distribution by ballot overall was discounted in favour of each village’s councillors distributing them as seen fit. This was in keeping with the approach in previous years. Tarrant Keyneston councillors considered the best way for their village was to ask villagers to apply for the tickets, with a ballot being held if necessary.

6. Community Speedwatch
There were no representatives at this meeting though activity continued for which the councillors were grateful.

7. Speed Indicator Device
The Clerk reported DAPTC had confirmed crowd funding could be used for a Speed Indicator Device. The Community Speedwatch team were also aware of this and were in favour of fundraising.

Councillors queried whether a fixed speed camera was a possibility. The Clerk would investigate and report back to the next meeting.

8. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – commemorative mugs – distribution
Councillors reported the commemorative mugs purchased by the Council had been gladly received. Some of the remaining mugs had been exchanged in return for a donation. It was then:
RESOLVED Cllr Eaton would arrange for the distribution of the final 30 mugs and report back to the next meeting.

9. Queen’s Copse – wildflower area – path grass cutting
The Council thanked Cllr Tim Munford for arranging to have a path cut through the Copse so the area could be used and enjoyed. There was discussion around wildflower planting. The Clerk was asked to put the item on the next agenda.

10. Events marking the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
The Council expressed their thanks to the organisers, Cllr Pamela Eaton and Mrs Angie Collings, along with the Mix & Mingle group and all who contributed to the agreed success of the main event in the Parish, an afternoon tea party and activities held at The Anne Biddlecombe Hall and Recreation Ground.
Over 170 attended in good weather with a large number of villagers being involved with the organising, preparation and clearing up on the day. Overall the event generated income, part of which was given to the Weldmar Hospice, and a community spirit which was much enjoyed, particularly after the challenges of the pandemic.

In return the organisers thanked all who attended, everyone who helped beforehand and on the day, including:
Jackie Garland – Afternoon Tea with her team of bakers and servers
Caroline Tory and Joe Bowles – Ice cream and Children’s tent
Debbie Beale and Madeleine Helmsley – Plant Stall
Pauline and Geoff Wilkinson – Hall Decoration
James Cossins- Hay Bales and Tractor work
Jeremy Peck – Baker and Queens Toast
Chris Garland – Support and car park organiser
Ray Thompson – Providing of Marquees
Alan Newman for use of field for car parking
Simon Cuff – for chair removals
Team of Villagers. Who loaned and erected marquees, tables and cleaned 100 garden chairs and cleared up at the end of the day.

11. Highways
(a) Tarrant Rushton Airfield Main Gate
It was confirmed Dorset Council Highways had met the cost of and painted white lines at the entrance to the airfield to aid with parking congestion. Councillors expressed their thanks.

(b) Review of Road Closures June 2022
It was reported there were several reviews of when the resurfacing work was to be carried out but largely residents appreciated the need for the work. There was some concern over the inconsistency of the white lining and the Clerk would look into this.

12. Ashley Wood Park
The Chairman reported the residents’ association was looking to restructure and had been meeting to this effect. It was also reported there seemed to be an increased connection which was welcomed.

13. Bus shelter, St Richard’s Close
The roof required repairs and the Clerk was requested to put this on the next agenda.

14. Villages website development
The Clerk reported content had been sent to the developers and the preview was expected shortly.

15. Noticeboards
(a) Tarrant Crawford
There was no update available on this.
(b) Tarrant Keyneston
Cllr Eaton reported the Blandford Men’s Shed had completed the renovation and were waiting for confirmation of the colour to be applied. Discussion took place on the posts for the board once returned. Cllr Thompson offered to obtain a quote and this was AGREED.

No area meetings had been held and so there no updates from Council representatives.

17. Annual Parish Meeting
The Clerk suggested councillors may wish to review and decide on a slightly different
format for the Annual Parish Meeting, due to be held in September. Cllr Brown suggested David Sidwick, the Police and Crime Commissioner was addressing communities and it was AGREED he be approached. Given the suggestion, it was also AGREED the meeting be held on a different night to that of the Parish Council.

18. Emergency Planning
The Clerk had researched some template planning and this was briefly discussed. It was AGREED the item be carried forward to the next agenda.

19. Financial statements for May and June 2022 and approval of cheques scheduled
The Clerk had previously emailed the financial statements showing full details of income and expenditure set against budget, together with a bank reconciliation. It was:
RESOLVED (a) the May and June statements be approved and signed; (b) the cheques shown in the schedules be approved and signed.

20. Planning application updates
Councillors thanked Cllr Thomson for the monthly update and received the following:

Reference Address Decision Notes
Tarrant Keyneston
03590 LBC – Marriotts –  Pending – No objection
03589 – Marriotts – Pending – No objection
00156 – Thistles – Granted – No objection
05270 – Kings Ransome – Pending – No objection
02031 – Tarrant Keyneston House – Withdrawn – Objection
01277 – 6 St Richards Close – Granted – Objection

Councillors expressed their disappointment on the granting of permission for 01277, given the concerns over the considered impact of the development.

21. Planning Update by Dorset Council 27th May 2022
Councillors received a report back by the Chairman after his attendance at this event. Whilst the meeting itself had been productive, it was felt issues such as poor communication were ongoing. Cllr Brown commented poor retention of staff was also causing concern and in house support for training was taking place as a longer term response to this.

22. Items for next agenda
Queen’s Jubilee commemorative mugs – distribution
Villages website
Queen’s Copse Wildflower planting
Tarrant Crawford and Tarrant Keyneston noticeboards
Community Speedwatch
Emergency Plan
Bus shelter, St Richards Close
Speed Indicator Device
Dog waste bin.

23. Date of next meeting
The next Parish Council meeting is currently set for 13th September followed by 8th November 2022.
The date for the Annual Parish Meeting is to be confirmed, given it is to be held on a separate evening. (Min 17 refers.)