May 2022 Minutes

at 7pm in The Anne Biddlecombe Hall, Tarrant Keyneston

Present: Councillors Beale, Cossins (Chairman), Eaton, Garland, Parker, and Thomson.
In attendance: Clerk Mrs Huck, 3 residents

RESOLVED that Cllr James Cossins, nominated by Cllr Garland, seconded by Cllr Parker and as the only nominee, was unanimously re-elected Chairman.

The meeting received the Chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office and undertaking to abide by the Code of Conduct.

RESOLVED that Cllr Garland, nominated by Cllr Thomson, seconded by Cllr Eaton and as the only nominee, was unanimously elected Vice-Chairman.

The meeting received the Vice Chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office and undertaking to abide by the Code of Conduct.

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Deketeleare, Harding, Munford, Sweetland and Thompson.

None received and none requested.

RESOLVED Cllr Garland continue to be the Council’s representative for the George Galpin’s Almshouses Trust, with the four year term having started in 2019 and so this being the fourth year.

Council was advised two representatives were appointed to the Trust, with the second currently being Mr Simon Bowes who would complete his four years in January 2026. (Min 15, pg 0308 refers).

RESOLVED that following Council representatives be appointed:
a) Tarrant Keyneston Recreation Ground and Village Hall Trust – Chairman, Cllr Cossins, as per Min 14 Jan 22 meeting.
b) Tree Warden and Rights of Way – Cllr Harding and Cllr Thompson
c) 2 DAPTC representatives – Cllr Beale and Cllr Eaton.
d) Flood warden and Community Resilience – Cllr Deketeleare
e) Ancient Monuments Liaison Officer – Cllr Eaton.

9. Minutes of the meeting held on 8th March 2022
There were no requested amendments and it was:
RESOLVED the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

10. Report from the County Councillor
Cllr Brown was not in attendance.

11. Open discussion
Bonfires – councillors discussed a recent bonfire incident and the reporting of it to the Fire and Rescue Service in the event of suspected toxic smoke being present. It was highlighted whilst bonfires were not illegal, the burning of waste brought from elsewhere was an offence. It was:
RESOLVED the information on reporting previously given by the Council in the November 2021 Tarrant Times be re-published.
Thanks were given to Cllr Thomson for arranging this.
A member of the public present stated that, whilst they had bonfires as a means of disposing of waste, it was limited to garden material.

12. Financial statements for March and April 2022 and approval of cheques scheduled
The Clerk had previously emailed the financial statements showing full details of income and expenditure set against budget, together with a bank reconciliation. It was:
RESOLVED (a) the March and April statements be approved and signed; (b) the cheques shown in the schedules be approved and signed; (c) the cheque for Mr S Kelly for grasscutting at the War Memorial be approved and signed with the thanks of the Council to Mr Kelly for his ongoing care of the site.

13. Annual Governance and Accountability Return – approval of the Annual
Governance Statement 2021\22
Council confirmed receipt and review of the Annual Governance Statement (Section 1) as circulated ahead of the meeting.The Clerk confirmed the accounts had been inspected by the internal auditor in April and all internal control objectives had been met with no matters to bring to the Council’s attention. There were no further queries and it was:
RESOLVED the Council approved and so instructed the signature of the Annual Governance Statement of the AGAR for the financial year ended 2021-22.

14. Accounting Statements 2021\22 – approval
Council considered the Annual Return and the Accounting statements 2021-22 (Section 2) as circulated ahead of the meeting. It was:
RESOLVED the Council approved and so instructed the signing of the Accounting statements of the AGAR for the financial year ended 2021-22.

15. Certificate of Exemption from Limited Assurance Review
Council considered the Certificate following its circulation ahead of the meeting. It was:
RESOLVED the Council approved the signing of the Certificate ahead of its return to the External Auditor confirming Exemption from Review.

16. Council’s insurance arrangements and payment of the premium.
The Clerk confirmed this was the third year of a three year long term agreement offer, meaning the premium remained at last year’s figure. The policy was available from the Clerk for inspection.
RESOLVED the long term agreement offer from the Council’s insurers continue, with the premium set at £217.

17. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – commemorative mugs – distribution
Effective distribution of mugs to school age children whilst respecting data protection was discussed and it was:
RESOLVED (a) councillors from Tarrant Crawford, Tarrant Rawston and Tarrant Rushton would arrange distribution in their respective villages; (b) a flyer would be distributed to all residents in Tarrant Keyneston inviting them to apply if they had school age children.

18. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Green Canopy:
(a) Tree at the War Memorial site
The Chairman confirmed a flowering Cherry tree had been obtained and planted by Mr Stephen Kelly in conjunction with his continuing care and maintenance work at the site. The Council expressed their sincere thanks. It was:
RESOLVED a small plaque be purchased and placed with the Jubilee commemorative tree at the Tarrant Keyeston War Memorial site.

(b) Proposed tree planting – alongside B3082
The Clerk reported Dorset Council’s Arboricultural Officer (East) had confirmed their intention to accept the Council’s suggestion of tree planting on the wide verge opposite the Queen’s Copse alongside the B3082 with details being received by email on 9th May 2022. Whilst the Officer had made mention of Common Beech, it was requested Hornbeam may be a better choice given the reported impact of climate change on Beech.

(c) Queen’s Copse – wildflower area – path grass cutting
The Council thanked Cllr Munford for cutting a path through the grass under the trees and noted the Dorset Council contractors had since cut the verge area and removed the clippings. It was AGREED this remain an agenda item for review around possible wildflower planting after an autumn planting of Rattle.

19. Events marking the Jubilee – review of planned events in the Parish and any council participation
Cllr Eaton reported on the Tarrant Keyneston event planned for 4th June – “Tea On The Green”. It would be free to attend and sponsored by the Mix and Mingle Coffee Mornings already being held in the village. Residents, including councillors, had offered to help with the preparations before and on the day and it was felt a good community spirit had been generated.

20. Highways:
(a) Tarrant Rushton Airfield Main Gate
Cllr Harding and the Clerk had received a suggestion from the Highways Team on the painting of white lines to assist with safe parking. The Council agreed and it was:
RESOLVED Dorset Highways be supported in their application of white lines at the entrance to the Tarrant Rushton Airfield Main Gate.

(b) Road Closures June 2022
Dorset Highways had issued advance warning of resurfacing works to be carried out both on the B3082 and at Hogstock Lane in June 2022. Residents within the closure area would receive letters directly to their homes advising of access etc.
Some concern was expressed over HGVs using small lanes as short cuts but generally accepted the work was needed.
Cllr Thomson kindly agreed to publish the closures in the May Tarrant Times.

21. Ashley Wood Park
The Chairman reported on his attendance at a meeting of the Ashley Wood Park residents with regard to their electricity supply following severe interruptions during the recent storms. Consideration was being given to the purchase of a small generator. It was hoped the provider would note in future that one account holder did not mean one household in this instance. Ashley Wood Park would feature specifically in future Parish Council Emergency Plans and the Chairman would maintain contact.

22. Bus shelter – St Richard’s Close
The Chairman reported it was his intention, together with Cllr Sweetland, to replace the roof to the shelter with minimal cost to the Council. Once done, redecoration would be planned.

23. Villages website development
The Clerk provided an update on behalf of the working party, explaining the content for the pages was now being created and a resident had kindly agreed to voluntarily provide images. It was requested these include of the refurbished fingerposts. The intention was to have the content complete by the end of May 2022.

24. Community Speedwatch (CSW)
Three CSW representatives updated councillors on the Group’s recent activities. Volunteers had increased to 14 with approximately 2 sessions per week being held. It was reported there had been a noticeable increase in numbers speeding on the B3082 and all agreed this was a concerning trend given the summer months were approaching with increased tourism \ cyclists \ pedestrians.
SID – the most recent information received from Dorset Highways on these devices was shared with those present and it was AGREED this be an agenda item for the July meeting.

25. Noticeboards – replacements
Tarrant Crawford
Cllr Parker reported the PCC intended the new board to be placed in the porch of the Church.
The Council agreed this would not be ideal in terms of Parish use, given its location would be some distance from the hamlet’s residents. Discussion took place on the need for the parish to replace the board and it was AGREED this be an agenda item for the July meeting.

Tarrant Keyneston
Cllr Eaton reported being in contact with the Blandford Men’s Shed and their willingness to repair and refurbish the board for £180 including its removal and return. Council noted it had

last been repaired in 2020 which Cllr Harding had kindly organised. However, it was felt further action was needed and whilst the purchase of a new board had been investigated, decided refurbishment would be worthwhile and:
RESOLVED the Tarrant Keyneston board be refurbished at the agreed sum, potentially being light green in colour.

There were no matters to report.
The Clerk highlighted a variety of training was provided by the DAPTC and information available on their website.

27. Planning application updates on the following (Dorset Council reference numbers):

Tarrant Keyneston
00156 – Thistles – Granted – No objection
05270 – Kings Ransome – Pending – No objection
02031 – Tarrant Keyneston House – Pending – Objection
01277 – 6 St Richards Close – Pending – Objection

It was noted there appeared to be a delay in the process. Cllr Thomson volunteered to check the Dorset Council Planning website weekly for updates \ new applications.

Event – Planning Update by Dorset Council 27th May 2022 – the Chairman agreed to attend this and would report back to the July meeting.

28. Items for next agenda
Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Review
September Parish Meeting
Villages website
Tarrant Crawford and Tarrant Keyneston noticeboards
Community Speedwatch
Tarrant Rushton Airfield road issues
Emergency Plan
Bus shelter, St Richards Close
Speed Indicator Device

29. Date of next meetings
Currently set for 12th July, 13th September (Annual Parish Meeting followed by an Ordinary Council meeting), 8th November 2022