The Parish Council Functions

Serving the Local Community

There are certain obligations which by law a parish council must fulfill.  For example:

  • It must hold an annual meeting;
  • It must hold at least three other meetings a year;
  • It must appoint such officers as it believes necessary for the proper discharge of its functions. This must include an officer responsible for the proper administration of financial affairs;
  • It must make Standing Orders for the supply of goods and services to the council. 

Parish councils will wish to:

  • Be consulted on planning applications and will need a close relationship and understanding with the planning office of their district/unitary council. Parish councils are encouraged to prepare parish plans in consultation with the planning office with a view to the plan being taken into account by the district council in considering planning applications and preparing the local development framework.
  • Have points of contact with principal council services, such as highways, cleansing, parks, elections etc and to contribute to the way such services are provided.
  • Work closely with the standards committee and monitoring officer of the principal council on ethical framework matters and the members’ code of conduct.
  • Be represented, collectively with other parish councils, on the Local Strategic Partnership.
  • Liaise with other stakeholders operating services within the parish council boundaries.
  • Contribute to proposals which may be made to the Secretary of State under the Sustainable Communities Act 2007.