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Covid-19 News Items

Sources of Advice About Coronavirus

Helpline for vulnerable people in need of vital support in the Dorset Council area from 31 March 2020

Many vulnerable people in Dorset will have recently received a letter from the NHS, telling them they are at high risk of serious illness if they catch coronavirus and advising them to stay at home and strictly self-isolate for 12 weeks.

Anyone who has received this letter from the NHS and who does not have friends or family to help get them food, medicine and other essential supplies should call our helpline on 01305 221022, (lines open 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week).

We will arrange for essential supplies to be delivered. Alternatively, email

Help for residents with no internet access

Dorset Council has also arranged a postcard mailing to all households in the Dorset Council area. Postcards are being delivered now.

The aim of this mailing is to ensure that vital messages and advice about coronavirus reach all residents, including those without internet access. On the postcard, we advise people who don’t have internet access, and who need help or have a question, to call Dorset Council Customer Services on 01305 221000.

The ‘221022’ phone number is specifically for people who have been identified as most vulnerable to coronavirus by the NHS.

The ‘221000’ phone number is for any Dorset Council residents who have questions or need help but don’t have internet access.

Calls to both numbers are answered by Dorset Council’s Customer Services team

Access Mental Health

If you’re struggling to cope or find yourself nearing a crisis, Access Mental Health can provide immediate help. Call Connection on 0300 1235440.

The service is provided by NHS Dorset Healthcare University, NHS Foundation Trust. A GP referral is not needed.

Letter To ALL Parish Residents

PDF version of the Letter to ALL Parish Residents (this has also been delivered to each household in the Parish) – if you require this in a different format please contact the Clerk via the information on the Contact page

The coronavirus situation is fast-moving and there is an increasing amount of misinformation online, so using government advice and checking that advice regularly is advised.

Public Health England has FAQs that will be updated regularly
• This guidance, developed with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, aims to assist employers and businesses in providing advice to their staff
• You may find the advice from ACAS useful in considering any employment-related matters.
• For further reading, the Local Government Association has published a very useful list of different government advice source

Update for shielded residents from Dorset Council

Since 6 July, guidance for shielded residents has changed. Although this is great news for some, the Council understand that it may be difficult for others. The Council want you to know that help is still available for you at this time. You can:

Call us Monday to Saturday, 9am – 6pm on 01305 221000