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Your Parish Council has received representations about nuisance and pollution caused by bonfires in Tarrant Keyneston. Bonfires aren’t illegal – though bringing waste from elsewhere to burn in your garden is an offence.

If you’ve considered the alternatives and a bonfire is still the best practical option for disposing of your garden waste, please give consideration to neighbours and their needs.

Not only have smoke and fumes already caused upset and disturbance, they can also increase breathing problems for those with underlying medical conditions or suffering from the virus. Families with young children using the play park at the Anne Biddlecombe Hall can also be affected by bonfires lit in gardens bordering the River Tarrant.

If bonfires are a nuisance, you can go online to report them to Dorset Council at There’s also information on the same page showing what action the Council may take, which includes asking you keep a record sheet of when bonfires are causing concern.

You can also call Dorset Council Environmental Health Team to report them out of office hours and on weekends on 01258 454111.

But if you’re concerned the smoke and fumes may be toxic and an immediate threat to health, then the advice of Dorset Police Rural Crime Team is that whenever it occurs, you call 999 and ask for the Fire and Rescue Service. If they need any other emergency service to support them, they’ll pass on the information.

Please be bonfire aware – your neighbours, the wildlife and the environment will be grateful!


Dorset Council Local Plan – your views about how your County will look in the future..
Planning affects us all. That’s because it covers areas like housing, employment and community services including schools, retail, leisure and community facilities, it works to protect our natural environment and very importantly contributes towards the mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

The vision for how Dorset can develop in all these ways up to 2038 has been set out the in a document called the draft Local Plan and, because it will affect everyone living in the county, we’re all being asked for our views on what’s in it.

Visit Dorset Council draft Local Plan to find out more and have your say. Webinars to find out more are on Youtube – All Things Environmental

Update on advertising planning applications

Update on advertising planning applications in the former North Dorset area and part of the former West Dorset area

We have been notified that the Blackmore Vale Magazine has suspended publication for a temporary period due to the Covid-19 situation. Any planning applications requiring press advertisements that would normally be advertised in the Blackmore Vale Magazine will be publicised in the Western Gazette instead from 24 April onwards. This affects the former North Dorset area and part of the former West Dorset area only.

War Memorial Restoration

The War Memorial was restored in September 2016.

This was made possible through a grant from the War Memorial Trust and donations from local people – please see below for pictures of the restored memorial

Inclement Weather Plan

The Inclement Weather Plan can be downloaded and viewed in pdf format by using the following link: Inclement Weather Plan

If you need to view this in a different format please contact the Clerk by email at requesting the information in the format required.