Please find below details of local events that are taking place



1st          2.15pm                                Flower Club                                                       AB Hall
2nd                                                    Parish Council Elections
4th         10.30am                             Plant Sale and Coffee Morning                     TM&L Hall
4th         12.30pm                             Charity Ploughman’s Lunch                            TG Hall 
7th         10.30am                             Tarrant Toddlers                                               AB Hall
7th         7.30pm                               Tarrant Ladies (Open)                                     AB Hall
10th        12 noon                              Community Lunch                                            TH Hall
11th         10.30am                             Coffee Morning                                                TG Hall
14th        10.30am                             Tarrant Toddlers                                              AB Hall
14th        7.15pm                               Womens’ Institute                                            TG Hall
19th        10.00am                             Making Bags of Difference                            TH Hall
21st        10.30am                             Tarrant Toddlers                                               AB Hall 
22nd      7.00pm                              Annual Meeting, Village Hall Trust               AB Hall
25th       11.00am                              Keyneston Lodge Open Garden                   T Keyneston
25th       2.00pm                              Talk on Wall Paintings Conservation          TC Church
29th       10.30am                             RDA Bring & Buy Coffee Morning                East Farm                          

4th         2.00pm                              Tarrant Ladies Outing to Athelhampton House
4th         2.15pm                                Annual Church Fete                                        Eastbury House
21st/22nd                                         “Fairway to Heaven”                                       Spetisbury
22nd                                                   Summer Mayhem                                          TM & L

2nd July                                             Tarrant Ladies
10th July                                            Rude Mechanical Theatre Co                       East Farm
3rd August                                       TM&L Flower & Produce Show