Please find below details of local events that are taking place



1st          12.30pm                             Parish Lunch                                                    AB Hall
5th                                                    Bonfire Night                                                   East Farm           
6th         10.30am                            Tarrant Toddlers                                             AB Hall
6th         7.30pm                              Tarrant Ladies                                                 AB Hall
7th         2.15pm                                Flower Group                                                  AB Hall
9th         12noon                               Community Lunch Group                              TH Hall
10th        7.00pm                              TVP Quiz Night                                                AB Hall
10th        10.30am                             Coffee Morning                                              TG Hall
11th         12.15pm                              Curry Lunch                                                     TM&L Hall
13th        10.30am                             Tarrant Toddlers                                             AB Hall
13th        7.15pm                                Women’s Institute                                         TG Hall
20th       10.30am                             Tarrant Toddlers                                             AB Hall
23rd       7.00pm                              Quiz Night                                                        TH Hall
24th       11.00am                              Christmas “Sudan” Fair                                 AB Hall
27th       10.30am                              Tarrant Toddlers                                             AB Hall 

4th         7.30pm                               Tarrant Ladies                                                 AB Hall
14th       12noon                                 Lunch Group Christmas Lunch                     TH Hall       

10th January                                     Tarrant Ladies Annual Dinner                       Langton Arms
25-27 January                                   TVP Panto                                                        AB Hall
31st January                                       Winter Warmers                                            TM&L Church